Seven Springs Tree Farm, "the tradition continues"view from top of farm overlooking fields of christmas trees

Welcome to Seven Springs Tree Farm!

Special Announcements for 2015! - We are changing things up a little this year.

  • New Hours - We are only going to be open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays this year.
  • Choose and Cut fields - We are giving some of our fields some time off this year. Depending on how you count them we usually prepare about 10 areas for field cut trees. This year we've prepared four of our fields to be "people friendly" to encourage customers to find their trees in some of our more mature areas. The rest of our fields are still open, but not as easy to walk through.
  • The Halbrendts are coming! - Our neighbors on the hill have opened their winery and we're trying to help get the word out. They are going to set up a wine tasting area and we hope everyone will check out their selection of wines!
  • New Discount Coupon - We did not send out a postcard coupon this year. You can find a copy on our facebook page and we plan on using everyone's email address to send it out in the future. Also, this year, the discount is $2 off for both field cut AND trees on our tree lot. If you ask the Halbrendts to validate your coupon the discoutn goes up to $3.
  • Cafe Noel changes - We are partnering up with our friends at Forever Love Animal Rescue and letting them run the cafe this year with all the proceeds going to their great cause.

And now back to our regular website ...

Seven Springs isa a Christmas Tree Farm nestled among the forested mountains of beautiful Adams County near Cashtown, PA, eight miles west of Historic Gettysburg.

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We hope you will enjoy our view of the Gettysburg area. As you wander among the 50 acres of chemical free Christmas trees, the fresh mountain air and our 15 types of trees, capture the enchantment, joy and peace of the season. Take home your beautiful Christmas tree and a cherished memory.

We accept Visa and Master Card.

We are open the Friday after Thanksgiving.

  • Friday 10am to 6pm
  • Saturday and Sunday 8am to 6pm
  • Monday through Thursday we are Closed
  • Tree Tagging any time
  • Open by Appointment
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